Welcome to Vile - the illustrated novel series about passion, conviction, inspiration, acceptance and existance. The purpose of this site is primarily to host Vile itself, however I may or may not add some other pages and/or features at a later date, and if I do I'll update this.
I'll be posting a new page as they come to start me off, but my goal is to bring that up to bi-monthly once I get a handle of things. Given that each page is at least one whole A4 panel of pixel art and a decent amount of editing, that might be too ambitious - but we'll see how it goes!


Vile has mature content, including violence, sexual references and triggering themes. I will always approach these topics with the respect that they deserve and flag each page appropriately, but be warned that I won't shy away from dark events. If you have concerns around something I've published, don't hesitate to contact me (respectfully), but keep in mind that this story isn't intended to always be pretty. It is, however, vibrantly queer - like myself - and hopelessly stylized - like myself - and the result of over a decade of planning and worldbuilding, so expect some crazy shit. If you want more information on the specifics, see the World page, but be sure to read the Disclaimer section.


My name is Liliana Cahill, I'm a trans femme artist based in New Zealand, she/her. Throughout my life I have used any media that I could get my hands on to say the words I have always wanted to say, as this has always been something I've struggled to do through other means; thus, Vile is the story that I've been trying to tell my entire life.
Many of the characters and events are based on experiences that I have had, and Vile is simply my way of making sense of the world I live in, while also generalizing the experience and making something that I can understand myself. Due to this, it can run scarily close to the nerve for me, and may occasionally cause me to have great difficulty functioning as a person as I write certain parts. I say this simply so that you're aware of the circumstances around the symbolism and tone of the world, and that any resulting message is often very deliberate and delivered with good faith.
I absolutely love plants and animals, and overthinking things is kind of my signature move, so the people around me that keep me grounded are honestly to thank for this story.


You can find all of my physical art and my less related posts on my Instagram, and I have plans for a Tumblr, Patreon and Twitter account specifically for Vile and some related discussion/art (maybe a discord depending on how things go?), so I'll update this page when that happens. Feel free to send me messages through any of the above if you want to ask me something, just be respectful and all that or I won't hesitate to block you. I'm not the kind of person with a lot of patience for blatant assholes on the internet, but I am endlessly forgiving of those that truly want to understand more.
If you want to re-post my work, just don't basically. Personal use is fine of course, but if you're taking support away from me then that's a bit of a dick move. The website is pretty easy to access, so if you want to show someone my stuff just link it. If you really like what I'm doing here, it helps me get awareness and followers and maybe make this into some semblance of a job someday, which means more of this for you! If you see anyone re-posting my stuff, either link them here, talk to them yourself, or just let me know and I'll sort it out.

♥ Ana.